Wireless industry is experiencing a steep growth curve, with demands rising exponentially. Leverage Sibridge’s hardware & software expertise to grow four folds and become a pioneer in the market. We have successfully developed full products for leading wireless companies. The product design capabilities include working on Bluetooth, 802.11 a/b/g/n, 802.11i Security. Our services include
  • Full system design and porting for Wireless Applications
  • Development and customization of Bluetooth and 802.11 products
  • Development of middleware and embedded applications to support and manage the devices
  • Development of GUI and CLI based management tools with remote administration capabilities

Being zealous for innovations and staying in at par with the latest technologies, Sibridge has below expertise in the development cycle of any wireless product
  • Hardware specification & Feasibility Analysis 
  • Hardware Design & Development
  • Board support packages 
  • Device drivers 
  • OS Porting
  • Protocol stacks 
  • Firmware
  • Middleware
  • Application Buildup
  • Testing for wireless devices

Sibridge has multiple successes in product design process for full system development of

  • 802.11n Full & Soft Mac Driver on LINUX with 802.11i Security, 256 bit AES on CUDA
  • Full System Design of Hardware, Firmware & Application
  • 802.11n Atheros Processor+ Baseband board bring up, Hardware & Softare design, Mass Manufacturing
  • Fast mobility, Central management, DMZ, QoS, Bridge mode, Router mode, Firewall