Test Automation

Test Automation Framework is a scalable and versatile platform designed to meet the QA, testing, re-usability and customization needs of Electronic Product and EDA companies to design, and accelerate verification of complex tools & products.

TAF effectively addresses the pre-silicon, post-silicon, RTL, firmware, performance, application and system level test requirements common to most Wireless, Networking & SoC product developments. TAF seamlessly integrates with customer's prevalent test & QA framework to deliver a robust, world-class automation


  • Easy to scale, add support for new modules & test cases
  • Seamless integration to all industry standard simulators & test environments
  • Single configuration for test setup & test case selection
  • Provides test configuration details like module under test, module version, firmware version, module flash image to be loaded, board to be used, dependency check, etc.
  • Test selection based on functionality and regression level (quick/medium/full)
  • Support for various industry standard reports
  • Scheduled e-mailing of detailed reports