Silicon Testing Services

Our team can automate pre-silicon, post-silicon and system level validation using test automation framework, interfacing with various data generators & analyzers and data driven test definition. This will reduce the regression cycle time and enable you to provide quick releases to your customers.

Ensure right-first-time-PRODUCT by validating as high as 90% of various components like OS, Device Drivers and reference applications. We have expertise on: 

  • Emulation Products: Palladium, Eve, Axis
  • FPGA platforms: ARM, XILINX, HARDI and other FPGA based proprietary boards
Our team has rich experience in bringing up various peripherals like USB, GBE, PCI, A/V and UART on silicon samples & evaluation boards. With our experience, we can plan ahead of silicon availability and bring up different peripherals very quickly.

Quickly validate your SoC silicon with our SoC Validation Framework and pre-defined test cases. Our validation team has expertise in:

  • Defining test strategies to cover all functionalities
  • Develop test cases to achieve maximum code coverage
  • Minimize the number of post shipment defects by validating your SoC for system level functionality, performance and compatibility. Our team has expertise in: Performance measurement of peripherals and middleware for CPU, bandwidth & memory usage 
  • System level validation in segments like streaming media, networking, consumer devices, and computer peripherals
  • Validation using Audio/Video test equipments like pattern generators & analyzers and network traffic generators & analyzers like Ixia, AX4000 & SmartBits