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SATA Host Controller

The Sibridge Technologies Serial ATA (SATA) Host Controller provides an efficient and easy-to-use interface to SATA devices. The core implements transfer speeds of either 150 MB/s or 300 MB/s and emulates programmable I/O, multiword direct memory access (DMA), and Ultra ATA modes of operation. 

  • Compliant with the Serial ATA specification version 2.6  
  • Supports 1.5 Gb/s (150 MB/s) or 3 Gb/s (300 MB/s) speeds  
  • Supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ)  
  • Support for Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC)  
  • Descriptor-based, scatter-gather DMA engine  


  • Verilog Source code with lint checking
  • Verilog functional testbench and associated documentation
  • Design documentation