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Sibridge offers complete design and development services ranging from architecture design to mass production for various broadband access, IP and Home Network products. The team recognizes the challenges that network equipment providers in the high speed networking industry faces when trying to accelerate new design & development, hence it constantly re-engineers and sustains the legacy products.

Full system Product Design for VOIP Chip
  • Board Bring-up
  • Development of USB Gadget & Host Drivers for ARM9 SoC
  • Embedded Linux based platform
  • RV, LB, RTI (Clustering App) SNMP Agents, RMON2
  • SIP Porting & Integration
  • SNMP agent development for Linux/Windows
  • Testing on FTP, HTTP, NFS, SSH using IxChariot
  • Porting & Maintenance of upper layer protocols (ULPs), Win Sock Driver (WSD)
  • Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP), Message Passing Interface (MPI)
  • Direct Access Provider Library (DAPL) TCP, UDP conformance testing IxANVL
  • RTP, RTSP stack integration and testing
  • TCP offload Engine driver, TCP Chimney driver testing, VMWare Driver Testing
  • Ipv4, IPv6, ICMP, IGMP, RIP, OSPF testing using lxIA tools
  • IWARP (RDMA), Gigabit Ethernet Driver (LSO, TSO, RSS)
  • maintenance on Linux/Windows, L2-Bridge (STP,MSTP)
  • VLAN, ARP QA Gigabit Ethernet Driver, 3 port Ethernet switch driver on Linux
  • ATM-SAR, MPLS testing
  • 10 G proprietary chipset
  • OC-198 Network Processors chipset, Intex IxP series processor
  • OC-198 switch fabric