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Android Development

Android is increasingly being used in embedded devices other than the ones related to telephony. This requires Android to be ported on a wider variety of platforms with support needed for a wider variety of features and peripherals that are not required in telephony products using Android. 

Android based systems are used in plethora of other applications in different fields such as connectivity, audio, image and video processing, security, social networking, location based services, surveillance, home automation.

Sibridge’s Andriod Expertise
Porting & Optimization to custom hardware
Integration of Algorithm/Applications
Application Development &  Integration with Framework
Product Testing & Validation

The Android architecture on top of Linux introduces multiple challenges in porting Android onto newer platforms. Some of the challenges relate to making the Linux kernel work on a newer platform while others are related to Android. Overcoming bring up challenges for Android

  • Porting the Linux kernel to a given platform including development or modifications of peripheral drivers e.g. Audio, Video and Imaging, WiFi, sensor, touch screen, USB devices support, GPIO buttons with additional functionality etc
  • Development in the Android HAL layer to provide the Android specific APIs enabling Android libraries and framework to access the Linux drivers
  • Performing the tweaks in Android and Linux kernel to ensure that components like Binder, Surface flinger, Audio flinger etc are brought up correctly at boot time
  • Implementing power management, which includes creating wake lock APIs in drivers.
  • Integrating codecs with the already existing openCORE architecture or replacing the openCORE with other media stack retaining the APIs for the application
  • Adding Android Debug Bridge support
  • Removing issues that may be faced in Android when using hardware acceleration.
  • Linux kernel size optimization

Many embedded products in the market today require android apps for their products which allow the user to configure the embedded devices besides being able to stream video and audio from the embedded device. Sibridge has extensive expertise in building and testing such android applications. 

Some of the Apps:

  • Provide scaled down versions of the web based configuration services provided by the embedded devices
  • Play RTP video and audio streams from embedded devices acting as RTP server
  • Location services based applications
  • Provide discovery protocols to discover and display a list of multiple embedded devices using UPnP protocol
  • Port and run a native C based application on the Android platform using the NDK

The project required to use ZigBee controller on Android for controlling the appliances with in the home. Support ZigBee within Android which includes drivers, HAL layer modifications, support in Android libraries for the ZigBee stack and corresponding support in the application framework.

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